10' x 13'4 antique Persian Bakhshayesh

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Respected and upheld as one of the finest examples of Persian rugs, this late 19th Century Persian Bakhshayesh offers so much. Masterfully woven, these highly artistic, classical rugs feature larger scale design, typically, with an abundance of space and art form, allowing each element to stand out and gain full appreciation.

The transparent natural dyes are exquisite and the rug has a bold, geometric and dynamic presence. This prized rug makes a statement and for good reason. Hand woven in Northwest Persia, not far from the Caucasus Mountains, this rug is admired and comes from the oldest and most influential rug weaving village. This rug is considered lost art! The tribe who once weaved it no longer exists, but they left us sensational art history to admire and keep.

This Bakhshayesh is a connoisseur’s delight with truly distinct art form that feels free, with richness and maturity of its masterful natural, vegetable dyes that truly speak to us. The ivory ground on this Bakhshayesh is spectacular and are seldom seen and found. The various shades of blue evident in the large central medallion and borders are phenomenal, especially with the abrash evident throughout the entire rug, indicating not only its old age, but how irresistible and sweet it is. It also points to how many people had to participate to weave this old beauty.  It took a number of women on the loom and men to gather natural resources to dye the wool. Just imagine all the fruits, vegetables and plants collected and used to produce all the natural dyes! The abrash (various shades of dyes and changes in dye lots) indicates how many wool batches it really took to create this large tribal rug, sizing up at 10’ x 13’4.

Known to have been woven at the tribe’s home on an oversize format loom, it was most likely set up outside, where multiple weavers of the family that took to the loom and spent months to years on to produce. For lovers of tribal rugs, this Persian Bakhshayesh is a collectible piece for its inspired beauty and folkloric character.

Blue Parakeet Rugs is a small shop and we are very proud to offer highly esteemed connoisseur level pieces for pennies on the dollar compared to brick and mortar dealers, so that everyone can have fine art and history to decorate their abode. Brick and mortar stores sell these woven rugs in the six figures and rightfully so, not only for its rarity, but for its striking and primitive beauty. If you've done your research, you already have discovered substantially higher dealer prices across the globe.

Rugs like these grow older with us and just like old times, we celebrate on them, eat on them, take naps on them, and create tons of memories with our friends and families, locking in more stories with these pieces as they travel through time.

:: Hand knotted with vegetable dyed wool, from circa 1880.

:: Condition: Low pile and in great condition for age, with lightly scattered wear.

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