10'1 x 13'1 Antique Persian Bakhshayesh / Bakhshaish rug

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This masterpiece captures our attention immediately and it's no wonder why....it travelers from the oldest rug-weaving village in NW Persia and it exhibits everything we love about antique Persian rugs. Woven with coarse wool, like that of the Heriz tribe rugs, this primitive and large room size antique rug delivers mesmerizing folkloric art, character and history.  

Woven circa mid to last quarter of the 19th Century, this gem has aged so beautifully over time and its natural dyes simply speak to you. Look at all the abrash (variation of dyes) throughout; it comes from different batches of naturally dyed wool and it took years to weave. We have something special that has survived generations and only keeps getting better looking with time. 

These primitive pieces were produced on the family level with many different changes of hands at the loom, with resources and techniques that can never be of today's time. The color story here is a work of art with the sensational camel ground that is actual un-dyed camel wool. It was wool spun from their own camels and you have an earthy result only mother nature could give. Then you have soft shades of sheep's wool as well, with French blue, sailor blue and sky blue only to add more beauty to the mix. The blues come from indigo, one of the most common resources available to the dyers, acquired by extracting and fermenting indican, which comes from the leaves of the indigo plant. The various softer and lighter shades of blue you see are derived from subsequent dyeing in the same dye pot.  Oh, and let's not forget the irresistable rust and corals. We are all simply hypnotized by all of this rug's beauty. 

These are valuable heirlooms with ever durable wool and timeless art that will be passed down yet again. Diving into even more detail, Bakhshayesh rugs are distinguished and in a category all its own. These rare, tribal pieces have always possessed great demand in the market and are collectibles. Amongst the experts, this is the most desired of the NW Persian rugs and if we haven't boasted about it enough, we are pretty darn proud to have this in the collection.

If you've been around and looking at old rugs for a while, you likely know what you've landed on and if you've followed our boutique operation for a while, you know we love talking about old rugs! Behind the digital screen is a small business owner that would own every rug she collects and she cares that you know about the art history of the rug you will keep. 

The best part is delivering this treasure at a fraction of the brick and mortar scale pricing. Thank you for shopping small.  

This is an antique, low pile, worn rug. Woven with non-dyed camel wool and all vegetable dyed sheep's wool. 

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