10'10 x 12'2 Antique Persian Serapi Rug #2853

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If you have been looking at rugs for a while (especially SERAPI), you can see how distinct this beauty is. It's some kind of mystical. This treasure has great presence and strength, and everyone who lays eyes on it will know it.

This outstanding and square-ish rug comes to us from Northwest Persia, from the late 19th century. It has all natural, vegetable dyed wool with a neutral and earthy color palette. The grace and quiet sophistication of the colors, mixed with the serene geometric patterns and shocks of that beautiful French blue too...it's simply a  dreamy work of floor art!

This Persian represents a limited production of just a handful of the rug weaving villages and tribal encampments of the mountainous district of Northwest Persia. The amazing yarn, often spun from the wool of the weaver’s own sheep possesses exceptionally soft earthy tones, with top tier sheep’s wool; it is very strong and resilient to wear.

It is a Persian rug of choice and there is good reason for it and no wonder why these rare rugs retail for so much more in brick and mortar shops.

This vegetable dyed wool rug took some years and multiple weavers to produce this room size masterpiece. This rug is low pile, with scattered wear and it is a heavy piece. The weaving is undoubtedly the work of women and was likely woven from memory. No sketches!

Consider yourself adopting a trophy rug if you want to bring this masterpiece home. We are proud to offer it at an unbelievable value.

Handwoven with vegetable dyed wool

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