10x11 Antique Oushak Rug #2513 / 10x11 Vintage Rug

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We love these hefty Turkish rugs and there are plenty of reasons why. Famed for its grand, monumental scale of design and large scale motifs and elements, these village rugs are highly desirable rugs for decor and have quite the allure. This rare 10x11 square rug is sure to infuse warmth and serenity to your abode with its muted and pastel melon-orange creamsicle ground and steel blue, ecru-taupe and ivory. The color story is delicious.

Named after the city of Oushak, in Turkey, this wonderful and heavy duty, "fluffy" wool rug has elephant print design and shapes and round floral design all throughout with beautiful composition and spaciousness in design.

Oushak are known for soft, coarsely woven wool and from the pics, you can hopefully get a sense of its alllure, softness and grand feel. This Oushak feels like a gigantic and heavy blanket in a sort of way, soft and "cuddly", if you will. It is a heavy rug woven on a wool foundation, so it does have a beautiful, floppy handle as well. You will undoubtedly feel the luxury of all that it offers and you'll definitely need a rug pad to ground this old baby.  

Please note, due to its handwoven nature and wool, this rug will not be perfectly straight and it will have natural grooves and acute curves, but as you handle and style it, you can work the wool to be set straight and anchored beautifully. 

Woven circa 1920.

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