10x18 Antique Persian Rug #3020 / 10x18 Vintage Rug

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Step into a world of timeless elegance with this magnificent Sultanabad Mahal Persian Rug from the enchanting era of the 1880s. This extraordinary antique rug embodies the rich heritage of Persia, boasting an impressive size and captivating design that will undoubtedly impress any discerning collector or designer.

The allure of this masterpiece lies in its remarkable ultra-wide borders, which gracefully encompass a phenomenal clay-colored ground. Within this field, discover a breathtaking display of tribal art inspired by the beauty of nature itself. The navy blue ground serves as the perfect canvas for the intricate flower pots and floral motifs that embellish the main border band, adding a touch of delicate charm to the overall composition.

What truly sets this rug apart is its primitive approach to design, which exudes an undeniable artistic impact. The unusual field color further elevates its rarity, making it a truly remarkable find for those who appreciate the exceptional and distinctive.

This rug's large size, beautiful blend of natural dyes, and meticulous all-over design make it a splendid decorative piece of floor art, destined to become the centerpiece of any space it adorns. Its unique style and undeniable presence will effortlessly elevate the ambiance, becoming a striking statement piece that will undoubtedly spark admiration.

Crafted with the utmost care and precision, this handwoven antique treasure bears the unmistakable mark of the Sultanabad weavers. Renowned for their exceptional skill and artistic sensibility, these weavers imbued every thread with a level of craftsmanship and style unparalleled by other Mahal Persian rugs. The floppy handle, aged natural dyes, and use of old world wool further contribute to its authenticity and evoke a sense of connection to the past.

Softened dyes lend an exquisite grounding feel to the rug, inviting one to step into a world where time stands still. Handwoven with vegetable-dyed wool, this rug not only captures the essence of nature in its design but also in its creation process, ensuring a harmonious connection between art and the environment.

This gorgeous rug is not simply an antique; it's a testament to the artistic prowess of a bygone era. With its grandeur, rare beauty, and versatile styling potential, this rug invites one to embrace the enchantment of history while infusing any space with a touch of opulence. We are proud to have this in the BPR collection and at a small shop price compared to brick and mortar retailers that have these stately rugs at $50K minimum for these deeply admired works of art. 

Exact size 10'2 x 18'2

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