11x15 Navy Blue Persian Mohajeran Sarouk Rug #3347

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This majestic Mohajeran Sarouk Persian rug, boasting a grand size and set on a lovely navy blue ground, effortlessly elevates any space, be it a home or office. Crafted in the 1920s, it stands as a testament to the everlasting desire of traditional Persian rug-making and weaving. Unlike its more common red-ground counterparts, this masterpiece exudes a rare and irresistible charm with its unique navy blue canvas, as the majority of Sarouk Persian rugs are on a cranberry red ground and we love rugs that stand out from the crowd with rare color combos!

Woven with rich, vegetable-dyed wool, the rug emanates warmth and character, each hue bearing the imprint of nature with its botanical art. A distinctive feature of this rug lies in its variation of warmer and cooler tones, a result of the natural interplay of different batches of vegetable-dyed wool used by the skilled weavers.

If you scan the rug, you'll see the warmer and richer tone in one part of the rug, with cooler tones on the other. This organic evolution over time, coupled with the rug's age and history of use, imbues it with a soulful depth and richness, elevating it from a mere floor covering to a work of art with a story to tell. We have plenty of pictures to show it all off.

As you immerse yourself in its beauty, you'll see the intricate floral sprays, a homage to the beauty of nature captured in botanical artistry. Each bloom you see are beautiful flowers that are forever. 

While this antique piece bears the marks of time with some minor areas of repair, its weighty presence and solid construction ensure its enduring strength and stability. Indeed, this Sarouk Persian rug not only adds a touch of sophistication to any room but also serves as a focal point around which a space can be thoughtfully curated and designed, a true masterpiece to be cherished for generations to come.

Sarouk rugs have a storied history dating back centuries, originating in the village of Sarouk in western Iran. Renowned for their durability, intricate designs, and rich colors, Sarouk rugs quickly gained popularity both locally and internationally and to this day remain in demand. Their distinctive style often features curvilinear floral motifs and elaborate borders, reflecting the artistic traditions of the region. Over the decades, Sarouk rugs have adorned the floors of palaces, mansions, and homes around the world, symbolizing luxury, craftsmanship, and of, beauty.

Exact size: 10'8 x 14'7

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