12' x 15'7 Antique Shabby Chic Agra Rug #2510 / 12x16 vintage rug

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Since the notable period of Mughal/Mogul Empire, one prominent area for outstanding woven rugs is in Agra, India, and their weaving goes back to circa 1500. Agra is also of course known for the Taj Mahal!

This whimsical, expansive and approx 12x16 love-worn antique rug is an eye catching shabby chic wonder filled with a daisy field that was woven circa 1880. With its grand size and, muted neutral ground and those highly detailed and strong borders that Agras are known for...your friends will feel as it they have walked into a distant place as they step foot inside your abode.

A field of delicate and multi colored daisies will be your forever flowers with those delicious natural dyes that have aged ever so gracefully through time. The borders that consist of five bands have endearing little hearts woven in as well as vibrantly unique floral art. The border design is abstractly ornate than the field of flowers and thematically coordinates beautifully, hugging and framing such a large and exquisitely patterned rug with dynamically dark and light hues. The art on this rug will captivate you and onlookers as well as it is enchanting with delicate craftsmanship and wonderfully distinctive and intentional art form. This old beauty has a lovely, floppy handle with its low pile wool body. All areas are secure and it has one tiny patch (please see pic). She is clean and ready to impress.

Please note, pics have been taken outdoor under indirect sunlight as well as indoor. Indoor will appear warmer as you see in some of the pics in the listing. Colors will vary based on your lighting.

A deeper dive into old Indian Agra rugs: These popular and extraordinary rugs have a very interesting history. Mogul emperors respected and loved the Persian arts and culture and because they wanted to adopt, learn and replicate in their own country, Persian weavers ended up divulging their skills and craft to India. Agra carpets became popular and the elite of Indian weavings and are widely known by collectors as one of the most decorative items in the rug world.

In India, these artisans became masters of vegetable dyeing and by example here, you can see why. They are also known for extremely fine craftsmanship and extraordinary wool and with their amazing appeal, they will continue to be loved as amazing investments of art. We are proud to have found this lost treasure and we are extending it at an unbeatable value compared to brick and mortar stores which have ticket prices that are extraordinarily higher for very worthy antique rugs.

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