12'8 x 20'4 Antique Oversize Large Mahal Rug / 12x20 Large Antique Rug

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This 12'8 x 20'4 Sultanabad Mahal, which presents the finest of the antique Mahal village weavings, simply glows with its grace and design. With its grand scale size, large motifs, sensational age, raw beauty, exclusive class, it has great reason to be one of the most highly desired carpets.

What you see here is all natural, old world wool, undoubtedly from the sheep of the family that wove this special rug that took years to produce. All of the dyes are natural and colors were derived from vegetables, plants, flowers and roots. The wool was cooked in it. Everything here is all natural and real. An original rug that is no longer made and is a true valuable piece of history that comes with song and story.

This antique Mahal takes after a 17th Century design. It was woven in the 1880s with the flowing and wonderful allover motifs with the sophisticated design that we see. It sits on a madder red backdrop and it is framed with a soft indigo blue border. The extremely stylized artwork is prevalent throughout the entire majestic carpet. This special oversize rug was acquired in this worn to perfection character. One small area was rewoven to restore this beauty and a rug pro was sought for over two years in order to give this rug we treasure so much the expert craftsmanship and care it deserves. Please message if youäó»d like more pictures or would like a video tour of this rug. Weäó»re located in Los Angeles and if youäó»re a local, we can bring this rug to you as a perk.


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