12x16 Oversize Persian Sarouk (#1309)

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This circa 1940s handwoven Persian is delicious and in unbelievable condition! Oh, the amazing Sarouk; let's just dive in on what these phenomenal pieces are all about. Sarouks have truly stood the test of time and continues to be most popular rugs in the West since near mid 20th Century, where they had so much demand and filled homes across America. They are simply known to have exceptional quality and tremendous durability, to withstand several generations of heavy use, and so...just go ahead and let the dogs play all over it! No, but really, it's true, the weavers are famous for producing very heavy body carpets and trust me, you will feel it if you bring this wool rug home.

This hefty beast sits on a beautiful ground color that we have never seen. Most Sarouks are red, the most dominant dye color we see that we see amongst Persian rugs, which comes from the natural resource that they had to gather, i.e. madder root.What you'll also immediately notice as well that is so beautifully striking with the natural dyes is that there is a lot change and variation. We call this abrash and it is part of the magic of old rugs and their outstanding charm. This is all from the different batches of wool that was dyed and used to produce this rug by hand. Each batch of wool dyed owns its own color and characteristic. When the women switch off hands on the loom or when they are done with one lot of wool, on comes another and what we gain is the beautiful art that is one of a kind, woven for us to cherish.

Handwoven circa 1940

Exact size: 11'10 x 15'10

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