14x16 Antique Persian Kerman Lavar Oversize Rug #1269ML / 14x16 vintage Rug

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This is an 1880's hand woven Persian rug and it has meaningful and unusual art woven. It has a lovely timeworn character earned through it 100+ years of age. There is a lot of floral art with vine art branching throughout and it features large cypress trees, which are some of the most beautiful and symbolic motifs in Persian rugs. Cypress trees existed in the most formal palace gardens in the Persian Empire. In rugs, they symbolize long life and eternity.

This oversize antique rug is a tightly hand woven wool rug. It is floppy, low pile and has some areas that were repaired beautifully. The French blue corners are remarkable and have beautiful pop and it has wide borders on a navy blue ground. It is ready to live its next chapter of life and is a definite heirloom. We extend it at great value for its age, size and rarity.

Durable and sturdy wool, worn with some wool loss. Please see pics for full character and condition. 

Handwoven with wool and all natural dyes. 

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