1930s Antique Sarouk 9'1" x 10'6"

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Saved for Dana!

A nearly square size sarouk in unbelievable condition!

The antique Sarouk has truly stood the test of time and continues to be most popular rug in the West since the early 1900s. Sarouks are known to have exceptional quality and tremendous durability, to withstand several generations of heavy use, so go ahead and let the dogs play all over it!

Hand knotted and made of vegetable dyed wool, this particular Sarouk has a pretty thick and luxurious pile to warm up any floor space and certainly, the rich colors can't be missed. It has stylized floral bouquets and sprays all over with a deep raspberry background. Other colors include yellow, orange, peach, ivory, navy blue, turquoise blue, tan, and green. It is in excellent condition.

Size: 9'1" x 10'6"
Hand knotted, from the 1930s