2’1 x 2’8 antique Sarouk Mat Rug (#1367)

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Need an itty bitty handmade rug that plays its part? Well, here it is! This is a great deal on a lovely antique rug! It is hand knotted with high-grade,  wool and it has some pile you can feel. It is heavy duty for a small rug and will be super durable to take anything on. 

It sits on a deep navy blue ground with an open field, amazing floral work and a lovely central medallion. 

From Sarouk, Persia, these are rugs that the West made ever popular in the 40s! This rug is from circa 1930 and has luxurious wool on cotton foundation. Place it anywhere for instant pop, history and decor.

Hand knotted with vegetable dyed wool in the 1930s  

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