2’4 x 5’5 Worn Antique Caucasus rug #1813ML / 2x5 Vintage Rug

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Worn only through time, this shabby chic rug comes from the 19th Century, woven in the Caucasus mountains, the narrow strip of land between the Black and Caspian Seas. It was here along the single narrow ridge of mountains where they say over 350 different tribes existed.

These tribes-people lived with great, elemental simplicity in harsh conditions and their works of art resemble that and the natural forces that existed. The strength is evident in their rugs, which are filled with symbolism and nature was their guide to living. Their looms were portable as they traveled by the changes in temperature and seasons, which was a must for survival, so most of their rugs were woven in small sizes. These pieces of this ancient weaving tradition is no longer and their floor art are living examples that speak the story of the mountain weavers of the Caucasus.

This rug features the 8 pointed star, which represents man's search for meaning and inner wisdom. This symbol goes back to cave drawing days. The edge guard has what is known as the fence of security, pointing to the element of protection. We also see what appears to be double sides combs, which represent cleanliness and purity.

Low pile. Worn. All natural, vegetable dyes. Woven circa 1870-1880.

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