2'2 x 4'10 Antique Jozan rug / Small Vintage Rug / Antique Small Rug

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A great deal on a lovely antique rug!

This antique Jozan S A R O U K has timeless elegance, was finely woven and designed for P E R S I A N aristocracy. Made of high-grade, these rarely found P E R S I A N S have extreme gracefulness and are classical antique Oriental rugs that stand tall in the upper tier of collectible rugs.

The fine wool, exceptional craftsmanship, elegance and decorative appeal of this S A R O U K is a favorite of connoisseurs and interior designers, and it has high market value because it is considered to be a royal carpet. It is in excellent condition commensurate with age, weaved beautifully with beautiful floral motifs and a central medallion. The rug sits on an indigo blue ground.

Size: 2'8" x4'4"
Hand knotted with vegetable dyed wool in the 1920s

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