2'7 x 5' Skinny Vintage Persian Sarouk Rug #3094C

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This vintage mid 20th Century Persian, adorned with luxurious wool, hails from the renowned Sarouk region. Its opulence is evident in its substantial weight, hinting at the lavishness of its craftsmanship. Embellished with enchanting all-over floral sprays, the rug boasts a refined simplicity underscored by its elegantly simple color palette.

While showcasing a well-kept condition, the rug does exhibit a touch of history in the form of minor wool loss on the field, as can be observed in the attached image. This, however, only serves to accentuate the rug's character and authenticity, a testament to its journey through time.

Distinguished by its remarkable durability, this rug is poised to gracefully endure heavy foot traffic, making it an excellent choice for high-traffic areas such as entryways or spaces with frequent activity and it'll handle all the roughness of excited pets at play as well. Its robust construction guarantees longevity, a testament to its enduring quality.

Notably, its streamlined dimensions of just 2'7 in width render it an ideal solution for those challenging narrow spaces that demand a touch of elegance. This rug's inherent sturdiness and solidity ensure that it will excel in providing both visual splendor and practical utility in any setting where it finds itself. We'll send this along with a custom cut rug pad to keep it wiggle free. 

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