3’7 x 9’3 Antique Persian Camel Hair runner

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Made of vegetable dyed wool and natural, non-dyed camel hair, this ornate rug is quite rare. This Persian is something to be celebrated with art work that has no particular pattern, as the weavers went all out on color ways and design.

It was woven in the early 1900s in the village of Serab and undoubtedly from the weaver’s own camel and sheep. It is a total show of with off earthy colors and all the naturally dyed wool. The aesthetic is so lovely and elegant, you want to stare at it for hours! We especially love the larger green medallion on the field. 

This rug has an intricate design in the field, with high quality wool and non-dyed camel hair. It has beautiful time worn wear (see pics), it's amazing and low pile, durable, and has at least another century of time for enjoyment.

Woven in the early 1900's. The back of this rug is very telling as you can see through the way of the weave and the changes that a few different women hands on the loom to produce this amazing piece.