3' x 4'2 Neutral Antique Prayer Rug #2995ML / 3x4 vintage rug

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Embrace the rich cultural heritage of Turkey with this wonderful 19th century antique prayer rug. Crafted with utmost devotion, this soulful piece of floor art exudes the essence of spirituality and reverence, making it a truly remarkable artifact.

At the heart of this lovely rug lies the Mihrab design, an iconic symbol of Islamic architecture. The Mihrab, carefully woven into the field, serves as a sacred focal point, guiding the faithful in their prayers and connecting them to the divine. The rug's graphic border motif, meticulously handwoven by a skilled artisan, frames the Mihrab design perfectly.

This antique prayer rug bears the mark of time, carrying the wisdom and experience of generations long gone. Woven with vegetable dyed wool on a wool foundation, it has acquired a distinct floppy handle, reflecting its age and authenticity. The passage of time has bestowed upon it a unique character, as the simple colorways have gracefully aged, creating a natural patina that adds depth and charm.

With a palette of neutral colors, this prayer rug effortlessly complements any space, enhancing its timeless allure. Whether displayed as a centerpiece or treasured as a personal sanctuary for daily prayers, this antique piece exudes a sense of serenity that transcends time and place.

Imbued with history, woven with love, and aged with grace, it is a cherished relic that carries the essence of devotion, making it a truly special addition to any space. Will ship with a pad on the house to keep this little gem nice and snug. Low pile, worn, woven on a wool foundation with a beautiful and floppy handle.

Size: 3' x 4'2 

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