3'11" x 6'3" Antique Oriental Rug - 1870's

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This Kurdish rug from the 1870s has much meaning, but first letäó»s just point out that this antique rug has amazing wool that is so thick and luxurious! You really feel it and see the quality of it.

The pattern of this rug is all over with some really special elements to it. You will of course immediately notice the paisleys and boteh all over the rug, which many interpret as elements of life and fertility, possibly symbolizing mothers who are expecting. At a closer look (we almost missed this), there is a single element of a girl or woman that is woven in. This may represent the girl or woman who wove this rug, and undoubtedly with the wool or her own familyäó»s sheep. We also noticed a couple animals, as we interpret as chickens on the rug.

The colors are rich with red and deep indigo blue, tan, beige, pink tones, yellow, royal blue and brown. The condition is good on this rug, with some wear and the top fringes are flat weave, with some that are loose.

This is such an amazing and telling tribal rug!

Hand knotted with vegetable dyed wool, with wool foundation from the 1870s.

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