3'5 x 9'5 Camel Hair Serab Runner / Antique Rug Runner

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Made of vegetable dyed wool and undyed camel hair, this ornate rug really speaks to us. This Serab is prized and the design is just bespoke. It was woven in the 1880s in mountainous district of Northwest Persia and undoubtedly from the weaver’s own camel. 

This rug has a truly earthy tone. With medallions running down the field, you will notice the weaver’s touch on including meaningful elements in just one. Along the guard border, we see that beautiful camel hair and an element from the weaver’s story, one lone symbol.

This is such an exceptional piece, perfect for an entry way, hallway, bedroom or kitchen and it packs so much charm, history and character. The old world wool will outlast us, as all antique rugs of his kind do.

Woven in the 1880s with vegetable dyed wool and undyed camel hair.

Size: 3’5 x 9’5

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