3'6 x 6'2 Antique Persian Bidjar Rug #3095

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Brought to life by the hands of Bidjar weavers, this tribal Persian rug hails from the near mid-19th Century, encapsulating a delightful design adorned with a captivating array of tribal motifs and it is one of the oldest rugs we have in our collection. Each motif boasts a distinct, independent and meaningful shape, coming together in a symphony of visual storytelling.

Among these motifs, an enchanting array of medallions and symbols dances across the rug's surface, including the revered Harshang motif, often referred to as the crab motif. These elements appear to effortlessly float, creating a tapestry of intricate meaning and cultural significance.

Remarkably constructed with a heavy-duty approach, this rug bears the indelible mark of dedicated women who tirelessly pounded each row of knots onto the loom. The result is an imposing Persian rug known as the "Iron rug of Iran," revered for its substantial weight and enduring nature.

While time has gently weathered this piece to perfection, its essence becomes even more captivating with amazing character, poised to grace any space as a striking floor decor item. Handwoven from wool dyed with natural vegetable sources, its authenticity and allure are undeniable.

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