4’3 x 6’3 Antique Persian Bidjar Rug (#1450ML) / 4x6 rug

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Delivered in this amazing Bidjar is stunning design, color ways and history. Woven circa 1900, it stands out from the crowd of old rugs and should have an artisan excellence award. Rare rugs like these with superior art form rarely leave a collector’s hands and with such striking beauty, you can likely see why.

The deep terra cotta ground color, along with soft emerald green and saffron yellow, lake blue and more shows off how skilled the dyers were and btw, the old world wool is super durable. Seriously, you can truly feel the luxury of quality in this rug. Bidjars are simply stand for great quality, are heavier than all of the other rugs and are actually known as the “iron rugs” of Persia. The knots of the rug are beaten down and the rug is packed with dense wool that has formed a very sturdy and solid foundation.

The floral geometric motifs here are remarkable with rich, natural dyes that are jewel toned making this Bidjar a highly desirable rug that would be sought after by designers and homeowners who want the very best art and construction, with a rug that can withstand centuries of heavy use. If you look closely, you can see birds woven into the borders with purpose that was both artistic and spiritual in nature. 

Handwoven with wool that was dyed naturally.

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