4 x 7.5 Antique Khotan Rug

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An antique Khotan is exquisite condition. Gorgeous variation of natural dyes throughout. The art and beauty of old wool that was dyed in batches are characteristics our eyes love to see.

You can feel immediately that this rug also has a calm and cool tone, giving us serenity as we take it in. The field of the rug illustrates pomegranates which are cultural and stylistic elements of prosperity to the weavers.

The guard borders have geometric designs throughout. These fine Oriental rugs have a particular beauty to them that makes them distinct and exotic. They include several cultural influences including Turkish, Indian, Chinese and Persian.

Khotan was considered one of the largest and most successful cities along the ancient route, an oasis in of the worldäó»s harshest deserts. Not only have goods traveled through, but also technologies, philosophies and genetics have transmitted from one culture to another. Khotan is in Eastern Turkistan, which is modern day China.

Colors are toasted brown, sky blue, light steel, tan, chocolate brown, and muted light mint.

Size: 4äó» x 7äó»6äó?

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