4'10 x 6'2 antique Persian Qashqai rug (#1521ML) / 5x6 Vintage rug / small vintage rug

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From quite possibly the most famous nomads throughout the Zagros Mountains of southern Persia, this Qashqai rug speaks its song and story. 

From the late 19th Century, this tribal rug features double ivory diamond medallions in its field, stars that represent luck, and animal elements as well, throughout. The nomads who wove this rug no longer exist, but they came from great story, a life of struggle and hardship and an intensely close community. One woman of the tribe would go from loom to loom, of her own and of her neighbors, to weave. Another woman of the tribe would go gather plants and berries, to create the dyes needed for their wool. There was a societal structure, bond and order to how these primitive people lived together, with spirit and understanding. 

This is a wool on wool foundation rug, naturally dyed with vegetables, roots and plant resources. This is definitely a hard wearing rug that is durable and displays immense character, showing off its beautiful age of over 140 years. It would look great on a hard wood floor as well as on stone. The color ways phenomenal on its deep, dark blue midnight ground and you have various shades of blue that give this rug pop as well as saffron yellow that is featured and seldom seen in old rugs. If you also notice, there are beautiful variation of its natural dyes and this is always a treat to see in old rugs.

It is a low pile, but a thick rug with old world wool you can truly feel, and it has a great size for styling. It will bring immediate charm and history to a space in the home or office and is very fairly priced for a great piece of history.

As the Qashqai said, “Where I am, is my carpet. Where my carpet and I am, is my home.”


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