4'11" x 7' Collectible Kuba rug - 1880s

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From a Russian village, this is a Kuba aka Quba, a collectible! Rugs from this region are very sought after by Caucasian rug collectors. Because of what we see in this rug, with borders that depict colorful snowflake design and the type of floral pattern in the field of the rug, we believe this rug was from Zeykhur, the village that lies along a river near the Caspian Sea. Undoubtedly, a woman wove this rug, and when completed, it was sold as a source of life income.

The craftsmanship of this particular piece is amazing and it has a certain glow to it with its rich colors. The all over pattern in the field is quite extravagant with flowers, showing stems + petals. The motifs are just so well woven and like majority (if not all) of the Kuba rugs, it has a great deal of detail and high knot count. Just look at the field and the borders, 5 lanes of beautiful art. The middle border is ornate and outstanding, with a design that can pass for modern dí©cor. This rug was professionally reduced, but is in immaculate condition.

Size: 4'5" x 7'

Made of veg dye wool, on wool foundation. From the 1880s.

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