4'2 x 5'6 Antique Persian Qashqai rug #2429

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From quite possibly the most famous nomads throughout the Zagros Mountains of southern Persia, this Qashqai rug speaks its song and story. As the Qashqai said, “Where I am, is my carpet. Where my carpet and I am, is my home.”

This late 19th Century, this tribal rug features tribal elements throughout its entire being. The nomads who wove this piece came from great story, a life of struggle and hardship and an intensely close community. One woman of the tribe would go from loom to loom, of her own and of her neighbors, to weave. Another woman of the tribe would go gather plants and berries, to create the dyes needed for their wool. There was a societal structure, bond and order to how these primitive people lived together, with spirit and understanding. They would move/travel with their flocks from the shores of the Persian Gulf when in the winter to the cooler mountains around the region of Esfahan in Persia, when in the summer.

Simply put, their rugs truly depict their lives. On this wool on wool foundation rug, you'll see the "camp" they lived with...birds, turtles, and chickens were woven in.

Naturally dyed with vegetables, roots and plant resources. Low pile with good weight and wool. 


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