4'3 x 8' Antique Karabagh Rug #2998ML

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Presenting a fascinating 19th Century Karabagh Rug, originating from Russia, this remarkable piece of floor art stands as proof of the artistry and elegance of a time long ago. Woven with the actual year 1892, this beauty locks its age in, a unique mark left behind and not often seen in handwoven rugs.

The field mesmerizes with its diagonally linear paisley motifs, gracefully dancing against a resplendent rose red backdrop. Each intricate pattern tells a story, revealing the nomadic nature of this old and tribal piece. 

The mesmerizing border band has punch and personality, where a burst of vibrant yellow color comes alive. Like a radiant sunbeam, it demands attention and adds a dynamic flair to the overall design. This striking contrast creates an eye-catching spectacle that will undoubtedly become the centerpiece of any room it graces.

This rug bears the marks of its rich history, displaying the passage of time and the life it has lived. The gentle wear only enhances its beauty, allowing its character to shine through. With each worn thread, it narrates tales of generations past, inviting one to become a part of its storied legacy.

Handwoven with vegetable-dyed wool, this rug showcases the artisanal techniques that have been passed down through generations. The skillful use of natural dyes creates an enchanting color palette that evokes a sense of harmony and warmth. The low wool pile on a wool foundation gives it a soft, floppy handle, ready to be enjoyed.

Bringing a touch of nature's splendor into any space, this dynamic rug possesses an innate ability to ground the room. Transform any living space into a sanctuary of elegance and grace, where history weaves seamlessly with contemporary style. This rug is 100% wool and has a floppy handle  It should not be in very high traffic areas  Preserve its beauty well and let it work its old charm. 


:: Please consider a rug pad for this old beauty, to keep it protected and wiggle free. Click below if you want to add one at BPR and we will custom cut it to size:

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