4'8 x 6'5 Antique classical 1920s rug (#1662) / 5x7 vintage rug

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This is a majestic and royal T A B R I Z rug from P E R S I A, woven in the 1920s and it offers a magical patina, marvelously decorated and with a design known as "Mahi". What you see in the field are fish surrounding flower heads.

It is a tightly woven and this gem stands for the highest standard of excellence in P E R S I A N rugs. Rugs from T A B R I Z are known to be precious masterpieces and works of art to enjoy. This P E R S I A N is in excellent condition for its age. The ground color of this rug is navy blue and the wool has a beautiful sheen to it. The borders have natural variation in dyes and you will see gradual change in color. Soft to the touch!

Low pile. Hand knotted in the 1920s.