4x6 Worn Botanical Vintage Rug #3318

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Take a look at this antique Persian rug, a real gem from the early 1900s, that would look perfect nestled in a powder room or perhaps to add decor to an office or bedroom. Handwoven by a skilled artisan in Mashhad, it's like a time capsule of artistry and history all wrapped up in this beautiful rug. You can see the love and care that went into every knot, every pattern. It’s highly stylized and inspired by nature. 

What's remarkable is its wear. It has gracefully aged, telling a story of the many years that have gone by. That's the magic of Mashhad rugs – they age with character, each bit of wear adding to their allure, which they are known for. Woven from wool dyed with vegetables, plants, and flowers, it's a true ode to nature. The intricate patterns, inspired by the beauty of the green world, draw you in. And those botanical-themed border bands tie the whole masterpiece together, giving it a sense of unity and balance.

Despite its age, it's in good condition – super clean, with its low pile and secured ends and sides. This fabulous rug can handle anything – from bustling foot traffic to playful paws – thanks to its legendary durability. With cool tones and a serene vibe, it brings a sense of tranquility to any space. Plus, it's a breeze to style – just lay it down and let its timeless beauty speak for itself. Truly, this rug is a treasure worth cherishing.

Exact Size: 3'9 x 5'11

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