4x7 Antique Persian Rug #2993ML

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Woven by the hands of Kurdish tribe members around the year 1920, this antique Persian on a navy blue ground with rust tones and splashes of amazing green is a masterpiece unveils an exquisite color narrative woven from the depths of rich, natural dyes. The rug's brilliance is illuminated through a symphony of captivating tones that harmoniously unite to magnificently portray its inherent beauty. 

Adorned with poled diamond medallions in the field, the rug emanates an aura of profound significance and commanding presence. The design choice imbues the piece with a striking visual impact that captures attention and admiration. In the guard borders, there are pinwheel of life motifs in continuous motion.

Radiating an undeniable vibrancy, this rug not only captures the eye but also encapsulates a spectrum of colors that elevate its allure. The remarkable hues play in harmony, creating a visual symphony that underscores the true splendor of this piece.

Beyond its visual appeal, this antique Persian rug boasts a robust and enduring construction, reflecting its heritage of steadfast craftsmanship. The wool is durable and has a stout and sturdy nature ensuring its longevity, rendering it not just a decorative accent, but a lasting investment.

Skillfully handwoven from wool dyed with natural vegetable sources, the rug exhibits a low pile that exudes a sense of refinement and age-old charm. Its in pretty great condition (please see pics), considering its vintage, stands as a testament to the care it has received over the years, further enhancing its value and appeal. 

Exact size is 3'9 x 6'11

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