4x9 Antique Tribal Rug #586

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Welcome to our cozy online haven, where stories of the past come alive through the vibrant threads of antique rugs! Nestled in the heart of the Caucasus region, this Kazak rug is a testament to timeless style and bold design – the very essence of these incredible creations.

Drawing inspiration from the nomadic traditions of the Caucasus mountains, this rug is a masterpiece of geometry. Its design is rich with symbolism, each element carefully woven by skilled hands, telling tales of ancient cultures and artistic prowess.

Picture this: a buttermilk yellow canvas adorned with varying shades. Amidst the subtle hues, four commanding medallions grace the field, surrounded by borders embellished with serrated leaves. But what truly makes this rug a gem is its wool – as soft as mink, it invites your touch with a gentle caress. From the pics, you'll also notice the amazing allure of the sheen it possesses. Its luxurious, flexible texture, combined with a heavy handle, adds to its allure, showcasing the craftsmanship that has stood the test of time.

This rug, aged about 120 years, wears its history proudly, bearing minor battle scars that only enhance its character. Fear not, for these scars have been lovingly patched and reinforced, preserving the rug's integrity and strength for generations to come. For a closer look at its full character and condition, we invite you to peruse the accompanying pictures.

So, if you're seeking not just a rug but a captivating storyteller, a piece that adds both elegance and heritage to your space, you've found your match. Dive into our collection, where every rug has a tale to tell and a touch of history to share. Happy exploring!

Exact size: 4' x 8'6

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