5 x 6'8 Antique Persian Ferahan Sarouk / 5x7 Persian rug (#962ML)

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This remarkable antique Ferahan Sarouk has timeless elegance and was finely woven and designed for Persian aristocracy. Made of high-grade wool in the 1880’s and with beautiful paisleys woven all over (also more formally known as "boteh" to collectors), these rarely found Ferahans have extreme gracefulness and are classical antique Persian rugs that stand tall in the upper tier of collectible rugs. The paisley motif in this rug represents a lot of meaning; it symbolizes ideas of eternal life and fertility, and can also symbolize fire as it looks like a flame. With the paisleys we have here, we see "mother-daughter boteh" which means that the weaver was pregnant as we see seeds within each paisley of this rug. 

The fine wool, exceptional craftsmanship, elegance and decorative appeal of this Ferahan is a favorite of connoisseurs and interior designers, and it has high market value because it is considered to be a royal carpet. This rug's superior wool has a beautiful sheen to it. Also, check out the sensational "abrash" (variation of natural dyes) from the different batches of wool used to weave this rug. It's the rug that keeps on giving!

It is in excellent condition commensurate with age and weaved so beautifully. The ground color of this rug is midnight blue and the dye was derived from the leaves of indigo.

Hand knotted with vegetable dyed wool in the 1880s.

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