5’4 x 9 Antique Persian Afshar Rug (#1488)

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Afshar nomads hand wove this beautiful wool on wool antique rug. It comes from a Persian tribal group that is known for their unique aesthetic and craftsmanship and Afshar rugs we cherish today hold up their legacy. This gem is from circa 1880. 

It is low pile and floppy. The ground color of this rug is deep indigo blue/midnight blue. It has a low pile on field and exceptional flat weave edges. Two different weaving techniques in one rug; so amazing. Paisleys you see in field represent “seeds of life” and “fertility”. This rug is sensational and offers loads of history and amazing wool and quality. Afshar rugs are collectables, due to the scarcity of its kind. Woven with all natural dyes.