6’2 x 9’ Antique Khotan Rug

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For those who love spacial design and appreciate the influence of ancient Chinese art, this antique Khotan that was woven one hundred years ago along the Nile River in East Turkestan has loads to offer. On an oatmeal ground with pops of dusty maroon, this old rug is in magnificent shape and was woven on a wool foundation which has a beautiful texture and a floppy handle  

Khotan was considered one of the largest and most successful cities along the ancient route, an oasis in of the world's harshest deserts. Not only have goods traveled through, but also technologies, philosophies and genetics have transmitted from one culture to another. Khotan is in Eastern Turkestan, which is modern day China. They include several cultural influences including Turkish, Indian, Chinese and Persian and are considered fine oriental rugs that have a particular and distinct beauty of their own.

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