6' x 15'10" Antique 19th Century Mashhad rug #2278

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This is a beautiful, hand woven antique P E R S I AN, specifically a Mood Mashhad rug with script signature at border; a master weaver hand made this rug. It was hand knotted circa 1880 and it comes from one of the holiest cities in the world, Mashhad This rug was acquired from the daughter's home of a prince of Egypt! We heard through the gentleman that we sourced this rug through that world famous Auctioneer, Christie's, was on premises as well and many fine items were picked up from the same home. 

The weaver(s) who hand knotted this particular wool rug tell us a lot, connecting us with their story with every knot. Within the field of this antique rug, we see the elements of the seed of life, paisleys (called "Boteh") which is technically "The Pregnant Boteh". It is regarded by experts as the Mother and Child boteh as we see botehs within the boteh. The rug is also woven with color tones that represent fertility. It is very likely that this rug was woven by a woman who was pregnant and her story is locked into the weave.

We also think that this fine Persian rug and its size represents something else also meaningful. This rug was likely woven on commission for a community or society, possibly used as a prayer rug in a mosque due to its rare size. It is 6' wide and nearly 16' long and perhaps people took to this rug in a large mosque, bent down on knees and prayed. We are left with this treasure to wonder. What we do know is that we have some historical insight because this size is quite scarce.

Mashhad rugs from Persia of this color and size are rare treasures for collectors and lovers of beauty alike. Pictures can't do this one justice. Over here at Blue Parakeet Rugs, we love to dive into the history of the rugs we source and we also love to extend value and great bargains for beautiful pieces of history to adorn your home or office.

:: Hand knotted with all natural, vegetable dyed wool on a cotton foundation.

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