6'8 x 19'9 Antique 1930s fish design gallery size rug

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This is a beautiful, hand woven antique P E R S I A N from the region of H A M A D A N. If you're looking at this particular rug, you're likely feeling like you hit a jackpot rug because let's face it, this size is odd!

The weaver(s) who hand knotted this particular wool rug tell us a lot, connecting us with their story with every knot. This rug was likely woven on commission due to its rare size. It features a water garden design within the field, also noted by collectors as a Herati design. The elements you see in the field are fish and flower heads repeating. The wool on this beauty is exquisite and pretty even in pile. This rug will not let you down, whether you are styling it for under a lovely and long dining table or in a space that needs a beautiful and old rug to make a statement and complete the room.

:: Hand knotted with all natural, vegetable dyed wool on a cotton foundation.

:: From the 1930s
:: Yes, we work with the trade.
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