6x8 Worn Antique Rug / Qashqai Rug #3190

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This piece is like a tapestry of history. An Antique Qashqai Tribal Rug, a masterpiece woven in the 19th Century by the renowned and now-extinct Qashqai tribe. This extraordinary rug is not merely a floor covering; it's a captivating work of art that transports you to a bygone era, echoing the voices of generations past.

Measuring a rare and sought-after 6x8 feet, this storied rug boasts an all-encompassing art design that weaves a narrative of tribal heritage and folk artistry. Each intricate detail, each carefully chosen color, speaks volumes about the Qashqai people's creativity and reverence for tradition. The rug's design is an ode to the tribe's cultural identity, capturing the essence of their nomadic lifestyle and profound connection to nature.

While this rug has gracefully weathered the passage of time, it bears the marks of its age with grace. Some repairs add character (please see pics), enhancing its antique allure and reminding us of the generations that have cherished it. 

This rug is not merely a home accessory; it's a piece of living history, a tangible link to a vanished world. As you place it in your home, you become a custodian of this cultural legacy, honoring the craftsmanship and artistry of the Qashqai tribe. Every step you take on this rug resonates with the echoes of centuries, making your space a sanctuary of tradition and heritage. This rug has a beautiful and floppy wool handle.

Handwoven with vegetable dyed wool circa 1880.

For a custom cut pad to keep this nice n snug, you can add one in with this link:

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