8’3 x 11’3 Ivory ground tribal rug (#1494)/ 8x11 Rug

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This old P E R S I A N rug has amazing art and it’ll hands down  be one of the coolest things in the home or office. Seriously, take your time looking at all the work, the powerful medallions and edgy motifs.

It has aged beautifully and was woven with the very best, showing off all natural dyes and coarse old world wool from the rugged mountains of northwest P E R S I A. It boasts with pride with scattered wear and has a grand slam look has been earned through 100 years of life.

This P E R S I A N is from tribal H E R I Z weavers and it sits on a phenomenal and harder-to-find antique ivory ground. The borders are deep midnight blue-black, with gorgeous and deep abrash (variation of dyes) throughout. The color ways are pretty abundant in this artful rug...teal, lake blue, sailor blue, emerald green, coral, brick red, dark mustard yellow, pea green and more. It gives a lot of love.

:: Low Pile. Scattered wear. Woven with naturally dyed wool circa 1920. Clean and ready to party!

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