8’8 x 12’ Antique Persian Mahal Rug #3007

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An antique 1910s Persian from the village of Mahal. You'll be captivated by its unique design, a departure from the conventional rug patterns one may typically encounter. Behold the grandeur of large-scale quatrefoil motifs adorning the field, each boasting its own distinct color palette and intricate patterns, creating a mesmerizing tapestry of floor art.

Follow the blossom-laden vines that meander across the aged rose red ground, their delicate beauty adding a touch of enchantment to this magnificent rug. The border is set against a deep navy blue background, harmonizes effortlessly with the main field, accentuating its splendor and completing the composition in perfect harmony.

Handwoven with vegetable-dyed wool, this rug boasts the mastery of skilled artisans, showcasing their expertise in every intricate detail. The aged dyes imbue the piece with a warm and inviting aura, evoking a sense of history and character that only time can bestow. Its floppy handle and low pile lend a distinct tactile quality and it has been worn through time, beautifully. You can run your fingers across its surface, experiencing the craftsmanship firsthand the time softened wool and see the amazing, natural vegetable dyed wool.

At a great room size, it offers an expansive foundation for any space lucky enough to host it. Whether gracing a living room, a dining area, or perhaps a library or even a child's room, this rug will bring an unparalleled energy and inviting spirit, transforming the surroundings in a space into a haven of sophistication and grace.

Embrace the allure of a bygone era with this beautiful rug. Its extraordinary design, handwoven craftsmanship, warm tones, and great size make it a true gem that will undoubtedly become the centerpiece of any home. 

Handwoven with vegetable dyed wool circa 1910

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