8'3 x 11'3 Antique Persian Iron Bidjar rug #2110 / 8x11 Vintage Rug

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This is one of the heaviest Persians in shop and it also happens to be one of the richest, with scrumptious natural dyes that have exquisite color and depth.

From the 1920s, it's from Bidjar/Bijar (in the province of Kurdistan) and these sturdy and stout rugs are known as the iron rugs of the old country. Rugs of this village and surrounding villages were woven by women inside the home. We recognize this rug by the weave, of course. The weft strands were beaten down by the weavers with a hammer against the rows of knots repetitively to pack the wool with density and make it as compact as possible. This is what makes this heavy beast of a Persian weigh in at about 120 pounds! You can expect this and all Bidjar rugs to be extremely durable. 

Now, let's get down to this Persian's glorious beauty. It's absolutely exceptional in art form, with small scale floral art throughout, making it a cinch to style. The mood: absolutely romantic. It has truly remarkable realized composition and you'll see phenomenal abrash (variation of natural dyes from different lots of vegetable dyed wool used to weave). The field color is a terracotta red with lots of gradient change in between.

The contrasting colors and ornate art is an absolute treat for the eyes to see as it is a true wonder how this magical carpet came to be. It features an impressively detailed border flanked with turtle elements on a warm ivory ground as well as dark ink blue. The overall impression is one of a commanding presence, and a lingering beauty, especially with those shocks of teal blue! Pictures do not do this rug justice.

Please note: This is an old handwoven rug and the edges will not be perfectly straight. See pics up close so you can see the details of what we describe. Extended at an absolute steal for an antique of this caliber, quality, art and age! Thank you for shopping small!

:: Please consider a rug pad for this old beauty, to keep it protected and wiggle free. Click below if you want to add one at BPR and we will custom cut it to size:


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