9x20 Antique Teal Blue Rug #1311

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At first glance, you may think this is another jaw dropping Persian rug, but this fine carpet is undoubtedly a great antique Indian Agra, loaded with such superior and luxurious wool, and that’s just for starters. We are talking world class level here, folks. These pristine rugs stem back to the notable period of Mughal/Mogul Empire and Agra (home of the Taj Mahal) is the prominent area for such breathtaking work. Weaving dates back to circa 1500 and they certainly win the award for artistic merit over and over again. The history behind these works of art is intriguing. Mogul emperors respected and loved the Persian arts and culture so much that they wanted to adopt it and learn to replicate in their own country, so Persian weavers ended up divulging their skills and craft to India. The result is what we see here...and it is no wonder why Agra carpets became wildly popular hot in Europe as well as the USA.

Now let’s dive in further about this rug and just check out the design of this carpet, which is so royal and refined. Hand woven circa 1900, it owns a sensational and distinct blue ground that speaks for itself. The wool on this rug is densely packed within each knot. The rug also has a beautiful sheen and is rather soft to the touch. This rug is large and commands attention with its grand presence of 9x20 (to be more exact: 8’10 x 19’11). This masterpiece offers great charm of expert craft weaving.

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