9'8 x 12'2 French blue antique Persian Heriz

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Heriz, mid 19th Century

An extremely rare antique Persian on French Blue ground. This rug wins for the artistic merit award and more with the sensational interlocking vines and gorgeous medallions flowing in the field of this hand knotted masterpiece. We are used to seeing many Persian rugs with a deep indigo blue ground or rich reds, but the artisans went into a totally different direction when creating this rug that was born to stand out from the crowd.

The all-natural dyes are soothing to look at with an all over design that is bespoke. This Heriz is a connoisseur caliber rug with highly decorative appeal that commands attention. It should be styled as the statement work of art that it is.

From Northwest Persia, the old world wool on this rug is still considered soft after its nearly 150 years of age. The knotting is somewhat coarse, attributed to the type of wool that comes from the mountainous areas near Mt. Sabalon that according to history, has traces of copper in it that the sheep drank, resulting in this amazingly durable wool we see here. Men dyed the wool with all natural resources of vegetables, plants, roots and flowers and the women weaved this tribal, most likely off of memory as there were no drawn out designs. The wool used was undoubtedly from their own family’s sheep.

This rug is prized for artistry, design fluidity, rarity and color nuance. While this is an investment level rug, we are still extending it at great value compared to what this rare Heriz would retail for at a brick and mortar store.

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This is an original and fine Oriental rug to be loved and treasured. A definite heirloom.

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Fun facts: Heriz rugs are known for their strength & durability. Coined "the Iron Rug of Persian, Heriz rugs were produced in the Northwest corner of Persia, on and around Mount Sabalan. One reason for the toughness of Heriz carpets is that Mount Sabalan sits on a major deposit of copper. Trace copper in the drinking water of sheep produces the most desired wool for rug weaving because it makes wool that is stronger and more resilient than wool from most other areas. It is said that many Heriz rug designs are woven from memory, with intricate designs passed on through generations of artisans.

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