Antique Oval Chinese Rug / 2'7 x 4'7 Antique Art Deco Rug #3326

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This worn and life-weathered antique Art Deco Chinese rug unveils a mesmerizing pictorial scene featuring a majestic male peacock amidst delicate butterflies in flight. The enchanting blend of nature and animal-inspired artistry elegantly captures a scene of timeless beauty and grace.

Crafted in its own oval shape (not perfectly oval), and measuring 2'7 x 4'7, this masterpiece boasts a beige ground adorned with an ocean blue border, perfectly framing the field. Notably, the rug's unique hand-knotted construction imbues it with a distinctive natural shape and curves, each knot densely packed with wool, contributing to its great and sturdy construction.

While the passage of time has bestowed upon it a patina of age and character, evidenced by scattered wear and a low pile, the rug remains resolute in its beauty. Its rich array of saturated dyes and captivating colorways infuse any space with a vibrant energy and timeless charm.

Beneath its surface lies a testament to preservation, with traces of old glue residue on the underside serving likely to safeguard its integrity near the fringes and prolong its lifespan. As a cherished artifact of the past, this Art Deco treasure not only adds a touch of elegance to any setting but also whispers tales of history and tradition that transcend generations.

Woven with vegetable dyed wool circa 1930. 

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