Muted Vintage Rug / 3'6 x 5'9 Antique Caucasian Rug #3125ML

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Woven by skilled hands, this charming antique Kazak rug from the Caucasus Mountains, boasts three medallions adorned with tribal motifs, like the mighty ram's horn, a symbol of power, strength, and all things ruggedly masculine. Abstract tribal patterns within the border band help to tie it all together.

Though compact sizing up at almost a 4x6 rug, it unfolds a grand narrative with its muted hues and aged patina, telling a story only time could etch.Its woolen threads, weathered by the ages, create a remarkable old-world texture that invites fingertips and toes to dance across its surface. Handwoven on a wool foundation with vegetable dyed wool, every knot is a nod to craftsmanship handed down through generations.

As you step onto this piece of history, you're not just on a rug; you're standing on a portal to another time, where the mountains whispered secrets and the weavers wove tales into every fiber. It's not just an area rug; it's a journey into the heart of the Caucasus, where tradition and artistry converge in a tapestry that transcends time. This beauty will bring a soulful and stylish vibe to any space it calls home.

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