Square Vintage Rug / 11'8 x 12'8 Oushak Rug #3370

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Steeped in history, this antique 1900s Turkish Oushak rug was crafted with meticulous artistry. Floral motifs strewn across a rustic rhubarb canvas, each pattern a nod to the weaver's reverence for their homeland. Framed by border bands awash in a faint mint hue, the rug's design exudes a tranquil harmony, like a pastoral oasis.

Fashioned from 100% wool, both in pile and foundation, its fibers bear the imprint of natural dyes extracted from plants, vegetables, and flowers, imbuing it with a warmth that is timeless and ever real. The passage of years has bestowed upon it a patina of aged elegance, softening the hues into a tapestry of beauty and nostalgia.

Despite its age, this fantastic rug stands as a testament to durability, heavy yet flexible, its loose weave inviting touch and admiration. Its square shape, a rarity in the realm of antique rugs, renders it adaptable to a myriad of interior styles, from the cozy embrace of a living room to the grace of a dining room or the sanctuary of a bedroom. In every space it graces, this Oushak rug becomes a conduit, bringing the serenity of nature into the heart of the home.

Handwoven with vegetable dyed wool.

Exact Size: 11'8 x 12'8

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