Worn Tribal Rug / 4x8 Distressed Tribal Rug #3235ML

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This is an rustic and old handwoven rug from the Caucasus mountains with great folk-crafted quality and personality. It is a primitive rug that is tribal from a nomadic tribe that lived in the region North of Persia. Kazak rugs are popular amongst collectors around the world and what you'll find is that they were always woven in smaller sizes. 

This 4x8 worn rug woven circa 1870-1880 has the weavers creativity and expression all over it. This piece was woven by a woman perhaps without a particular and exact set design or pattern in mind, while she sat and sang and wove. The tribal motifs are derived from symbols that were used in ages gone by to showcase, inform, and communicate ideas, values and culture and these pieces are steeped in ancient history. This rug is low pile wool and love worn, and it sits on a wool foundation. It has all natural dyes and a lovely, floppy handle.

A custom cut rug pad will ship on the house to keep this old baby nice and snug.

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